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Soul Tree Records Retro-Re-Release Series 
Mystery - NJ 80's RockMystery - NJ 80's RockMystery Live @ Queens Theater circa 1990
Mystery Live @ Queens Theater circa 1990
COMING SOON - Insanity by Mystery
  Throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's Mystery performed on the New York & New Jersey club circuit. They were regular headliners  at places like Obsessions (Randolph, NJ), Escapades (Jersey City, NJ) and Studio One (Newark, NJ), They also played frequently at great clubs like The Red Spot (Staten Island), The Cat Club (NYC), The Space at Chase (NYC), The Kit-Cat Club (NYC), The Monkey Bar (Conn.), DJ Bananas (Pa.), among many others.
  Mystery's sound is consistent with other great bands from that era including Motley Crew, Faster Pussycat, and LA Guns.  Although several unreleased tracks have floated around for years,  Insanity was the only official release from the band, and came out  on cassette tape in 1990.  The band later called it quits in 1993, when a few members went on to form the band Bittersweet. It was the successful Soul Tree Records re-release of Bittersweet's album Balance in 2007 that brought about the opportunity to re-release Mystery's Insanity, which will be available for the first time ever on CD.  
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